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Underrated: Michael Keane

Name: Michael Keane     Age: January 11, 1993 (23 years old)

Club: Burnley FC          Nationality: English

League:English Premier League      Height:  188 cm,  6’2           Position: CB

If you a Burnley or Championship fan then this might come as a surprise but Michael Keane as a defender is not rated as highly as he should be. He is arguably one of the top young centre backs in England but he very rarely gets any media coverage or adulation for his performances. A player just like Ryan Shawcross who leads from the back and an ever present in his side. Always producing consistently for Burnley and very rarely having bad games, one of the key players in their promotion to the Premier league.

After his early departure from Manchester United, Michael Keane has managed to get his career back on track. And, now looks to be another player the club might have got rid off to quickly. At 23 years old, he has already managed to play over 100 first team appearances with a few different clubs and has already become one of Burnley’s key figures. Last season, he managed to complete the full 90 minutes an incredible 42 times which in the physical and aggressive Championship is very impressive. Not a player to shy away from any challenges and this year in the premier league will be no different for him. Michael Keane is a player with potential to one day play for one of the top clubs in England and also very capable of pushing his name in the England national team fold.


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