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Players to Watch: Josip Brekalo

Name: Josip Brekalo            Age: June 23, 1998 (18 years old)

Club: Wolfsburg        Nationality: Croatian      Height:  180 cm,  5’11

League: Bundesliga          Position: LW/RW/ST

Josip Brekalo has just recently signed with German wide Wolfsburg for 7 million Euros. And, this is only the begining of what promises to be an exciting career for the youngster. He has already shown an incredible ability to can take on opponents with ease at youth tournaments. And, now he is set to try out his skills against the older more experienced defences in Germany. 

Wolfsburg head coach, Dieter Hecking certainly has high hopes for the youngster and will be expecting a return on his investment in the near future. As, he states;

“Josip is a very fast player, who is particularly strong in one-on-one situations. He is the ideal addition to our attacking game and increases our variation and flexibility in that area,”

As a left winger, he does favour cutting into the middle of the park which often results him in running into more defenders and in crowded areas. However, when he does get in his stride and given a space he can be extremely dangerous with his great right foot shot. His playing style is quite similar to that of Thorgan Hazard but he has much more potential. Brekalo’s pace should be acknowledged and highlighted as this is what makes him stand out from the other Croatian wonderkinds, however, his football intelligence should also be noted. He uses his skill and pace when in the right situations by picking the right times to attack a defender head on and punish any momentary lapse in concentration. The only blemish on this youngsters profile is his workrate and end product in the final third but in Germany, he has the right environment to hone those skills. As the video below shows;


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