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Scouting Report: Bilal Ould-Chikh

Name: Bilal Ould-Chikh       Age: 18 years old (July 28, 1997)

Nationality: Morocco/Dutch   Club: SL Benfica      Contract: 30/06/2020  

League: Ledman Liga Pro   Height: 170cm,  5’7       Position: RW/LW

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Bilal Ould-Chikh is a Dutch Morrocoan winger who made his name at a very young age in the Eredivisie. As a winger, he plays more like an inside forward than out and out winger and his game resembles that of Arjen Robben. A player who a lot is expected of in Holland but has found it difficult to break into the SL Benfica first team as of yet.


A very speedy winger who can outpace most of his markers when in one vs one situations. Also, a very agile with great balance when on the ball but he can at times be easily pushed off the ball because his small stature. A player who doesn’t enjoy the defensive side of the game and can at times be quick to tire.


In terms of his technique, he is extremely gifted in beating opponents in one vs one situations. His pace accompanied with his great dribbling and close control makes him hard to stop when he is coming towards you at speed. For a right winger, he does love to cut in and put an inswing cross and can be very dangerous in his delivery. However, he can be very one footed and rarely uses his weaker right foot which in turn makes him very predictable. Also, his passing is not the best and is very limited in his vision and passing range. This is all mainly due to the fact he dribbles with his head down and everything he does is all reactive rather than well planned movements.


Bilal Ould-Chikh loves to start out wide on the right buy the moment he gets the ball he tries to cut inside which usually results in him having to beat three or four players to get a shot.

His awareness of space also needs work because he often goes into crowded areas instead of looking for where the space is.

Potential: (International Class)

***** (5/10)

If football was a one vs one game, Bilal Ould- Chikh would be sought after by all the top clubs but it isn’t. He needs to learn to be less selfish in his play and understand as a winger he also has to put a shift defensively. He has potential to represent his national team and become a regular fixture for the SL Benfica side.


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