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Scouting Report: Jorge

Name: Jorge Marco de Oliveira Moraes     Age: March 28, 1996 (age 20)    

Club: CR Flamengo     League: Série A 

Nationality: Brazilian   Height: 184 cm,  6’0       Position: LB/DM


Jorge is not the conventional Brazilian left back. His best physical asset is easily his stamina and his ability to be effective throughout the entire 90 minutes. Its very rare for this young defender to not complete the entire match and he also does have good amount pace. This makes him a full back who wingers hate to play against especially because he also is relentless with his pressure throughout the match. At 6 feet, he is tall for a full back however, he lacks the strength and aerial ability for a defender of his height.


His strongest skill in this respect is easily his tackling – he prefers to stay on his feet. And, knows how to only go in for the slide tackle when necessary. Jorge does have a great first touch however there are a few things he could work on in terms of his technique. His passing range is not entirely broad, he is very good at the short passing game and great with the incisive one-twos but when it comes to spreading the play and long passes, he is very inconsistent. Also, for a player who gets forward as much as him, his crossing is not the best. Jorge is quite good when it comes to using his body feints for creating space from the opposition but he is not a great dribblers who can get past opponents consistently yet.


This is where he shines as a fullback, a player with an incredible understanding of the game. Great with his interceptions and also awareness for space. In fact, the more you watch him, the note he resembles more of a defensive midfielders than a fill back. He always drifts into the middle of the pitch when he is playing at left back. And, when he does drift in the middle, he resembles more of Luiz Gustavo, the Wolfsburg midfielder than any other player. And, this could be were his skill set are more suited to.

Potential: (International Class)

****** (6/10)

He has potential to be a very special player however its still up for debate whether he is a left back or a defensive midfielder.


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