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Scouting report: Tahith Chong

Name: Tahith Chong         Age: 16 years old (December 4, 1999)

Club: Feyenoord Rotterdam        Nationality: Dutch/Curaçao

League: Dutch Eredivisie      Height: 180 cm, 5’10       Position: LW/RW

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Tahith Chong is a young winger who has been making waves slowly in the Dutch youth divisions. He is very easily recognisable with his giant Afro and if he continues his impressive development it won’t be too long to see him likened to Ruud Guilt. Born in Willemstead in Curaco, he chose to represent Netherlands at youth international level. And, he is already attracting some of the world’s biggest clubs. As, he recently stated;

“It’s true that Manchester United are interested in me, but I want to just stay at Feyenoord. There is absolutely no question that I’m going out to the club. Feyenoord now is come up with a plan of how they see me in the coming years at the club. I am hopeful that it will be all right and that I’m going to sign a contract with Feyenoord.”


At 5 foot 10, he does tower over some of the players his age. Still relatively small in his physique but that is to be expected for such a young player. However, for a winger this is not a detriment because he does possess blistering pace. He uses his height and long strides to glide past defenders and once he is at full sprint can be difficult to stop.


Tahith Chong is a left footed player who tries to avoid using his weaker foot, very dependent on his stronger left foot. He has good vision in the final third and is also looking for quick one twos where ever available. Also, very capable at picking out incisive through balls and playing his teammates through on goal. His passing range is not that broad, mainly short passes and crosses in the final third. A terrific dribbler, who doesn’t really use tricks or stepovers to beat opponents. Very reliant on his pace and agility to beat players.


As a winger, he doesn’t just stay out wide, in fact he rarely does stay out wide. Loves to drift in the central areas and always looking to work all the central channels. A modern day winger who shifts wings constantly and very capable of scoring just as well as creating chances. Whenever, he is playing out wide he does prefer to play low crosses hit with pace. 


Potential: (World Class)

******** (8/10)

An incredibly gifted young footballer and if does make the move to Manchester United. It might not be too long to see him break though into the first team and shows his immense potential. A player who has potential to be one of the leagues best wingers in the near future.


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