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Scouting Report: Ro-Shaun Williams

Name: Ro-Shaun Williams         Age: 17 years old (born September 3, 1998)        

Club: Manchester United         Nationality: English

League: Barclays U21 Premier League      Height: 185 cm, 6’0       Position: CB

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Ro-shaun Williams is a young defender, who is more well known for breaking Darren Campbell’s school sprinting record in Manchester than for his actual football ability. He has been tipped for big things by his coaches for a while now. And, the Manchester United coaches have even entrusted him to play regular U21 football at just the age of 17 years old. Ro-Shaun has embraced his role against the older more experienced players and has already shown glimpses of his leadership qualities in those games. As Paul McGuinness stated last year,

“Ro-Shaun is an Under-16 but another one with good leadership skills,” commented Paul McGuinness. “(And), he has already captained our team -(at Under 18 level).”


It should come as no surprise that his best assets are his athleticism. He has incredible bust of pace and uses that to recover well whenever he is caught out by the opposing players. A strong and at times aggressive defender but very rarely ever loses his cool. His one drawback in terms of his physicality is his aerial prowess. He doesn’t have a tremendous leap for a centre back and doesn’t really dominate aerial balls because of this.


For a centre back he does possess a decent level of technical ability. His first touch although inconsistent is quite good and is also very one footed on the ball – prefers to only use his right foot. As a passer, he is an incredibly underrated because he does have a good passing range. Very capable of playing accurate long balls across the pitch just as well as quick incisive one touch passes. Also, for a centre back he is not afraid to dribble the ball from the back into forward areas. His dribbling ability is however nothing to special and could get caught out against better opposition.  A good tackler of the ball always in control never reckless, both with his standing and sliding tackles.


His defensive positioning is good for such a young centre back but what even better is his anticipation of danger. A very good covering defender who understands how to close down the space for a striker. However, he is still susceptible of not staying in line with his other Centre backs which can ruin offside trap. This is caused when he gets too attracted to the opposing forwards high up the pitch and if they turn and get past him, he is left playing catch up to get back into shape. A part of his game, he needs to work at in the near future.

Potential: (World Class)

****** (6/10)

Ro-Shaun Williams is a great prospect who looks set for big things in the near future. If Manchester United can continue with their influx of youth players into the first team, then its only a matter of time before he makes his debut. A player who if he continues his growth could become a first team player for Manchester United or another top English club soon.


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