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Scouting Report: Marcus Rashford

Name:  Marcus Rashford        Age: 18 years old (born 31 Oct 1997 )        

Club: Manchester United       League: Barclays Premier League U18 Group 2 Table

Height: 173 cm,  6’0      Position: ST/RW/AM

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Marcus Rashford is one of the Manchester United most exciting prospects in their academy right now. He is tipped to be the next academy graduate to make the grade into first team and with his potential, it won’t be too long until this become reality. He still growing physically but the academy coaches at Manchester United are already becoming excited by this young forward:

“One we saw starting to emerge as he grew into his body more was Marcus Rashford,” stated Paul McGuinness. “He put some exciting parts of games together and we saw some exciting things. He’s emerging and starting to do more.”


Marcus has grown considerably in his height over the past 18 months and is now currently just about six foot tall. This has however made him appear somewhat lanky. He doesn’t have the strength yet, to hold off opposing defenders and does sometimes get push off the ball. His pace is easily his best asset, he is very powerful once he gets in his stride and can sometimes be hard to stop. Very tenacious defensively for a forward and isn’t afraid to track back and dive into tackles.


For all his pace, he does get let down by his touch. His dribbling is not all that controlled and does often over hit the ball or get dispossessed when he tries to fully sprint with the ball. He is very capable of playing incisive through balls but not consistently. And, quite skilful with the step overs and flicks which makes him hard to mark in one vs one situations. His passing range is not that broad, mainly just short passes. Also, not the greatest crosser but does possess a good powerful shot which he utilises in scoring loads of goals and set pieces at youth level.


His preferred position is as a centre forward but still lacks the off the ball movement and finishing ability to be effective in this position at first team level. Often plays with his back to goal and can at times take touches that lead him away from goal. He gets into situations were he out-paces the opposing defences and then when one on one with the keeper ends up hitting straight to the keeper. So improvement in his composure and finishing ability is needed. A loan move away into the lower leagues to gain this attributes could be in the cards in the near future.

You can get to see how good he can get on the latest Fifa 18 career mode link below:


Potential: (International Class)

****** 6/10

He has potential to one day play for the England national team and regular first team football for a team in its top division, whether that be at Manchester United or some other club is up for debate.


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