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Scouting Report: Marcus Edwards

Name: Marcus Edwards       Age: 16 years old (03 December 1998)

Club:  Tottenham Hotspurs        League: Barclays U18 Premier League

Height:  167 cm,  5’6       Position: RW/LW/AM/CM

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A young playmaker who has been touted to be the next English sensation in the near future. Many coaches and fans of Tottenham Hotspurs have been drooling at the ability, this sixteen years old already possesses. As former Spurs coach Tim Sherwood says;

“He is a gifted technician with a low centre of gravity, who can pass off either foot or dribble past opponents…. He can win you a game. These are the kind of talented players that we must not neglect.’


He is not the biggest in terms of his height and its a surprise to see someone of his stature been given a chance by English club in its academy.

“….he is the kind of player who might not always get a game. There might be a bigger boy who could be more effective on that given day, but in time Marcus has the potential to be a great player, a make-the-difference footballer.”

A very quick and agile footballer who has good acceleration over the first few yards because of his low center of gravity. In terms of his pace over a long distance, he doesn’t have loads of pace. He is very weak but he does use the little strength he has to shield the ball effectively. Also, he has great stamina and always seems to have energy even in the later parts of the game.


Quite reminiscent of Eden Hazard –with an afro– when he dribbles and capable of beating his opponents at ease. His passing is possibly his best asset, he has great vision but not the biggest passing range. Always willing to play the through ball which penetrates the opposing defences. But, his finishing and shooting does require some work, although it seems the coaches at his club are already working on that, as he says;

“Every Monday at Tottenham we always do a finishing session. We practice different types of finishing – reaction, finishing through legs, all types from different positions.”


When it comes to the tactical side of the game, he sometimes prefers to come to a much deeper role in the central midfield area which is not suited to his strengths. His dribbling, as previously said, is impressive. However,it does need work especially confidence wise, he seems reluctant to dribble the ball forward as often as he should be doing. And sometimes dribbles in the wrong places and/or at the wrong time so his decision making in that respect needs work. Also, his awareness of space in the final third also needs work, with his qualities if he can improve his off the ball movement he could get way more goals and assists to his already impressive game.

Potential: (World Class)

******* (8/10)

A young footballer destined for big things and it will be tough for Tottenham Hotspurs to keep their hands on him for too long. The top clubs are likely to be circling this young playmaker before too long and the only thing that could hold him back might be his height.


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