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Scouting Report: Abdelhak Nouri

Name:  Abdelhak Nouri      Age: April 2, 1997 (age 18)         Club: Jong Ajax

League: Eerste Divisie      Height: 170 cm,  5’6       Position: AM/CM/LW

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Abdelhak Nouri is an attacking midfielder who possess incredible technical abilities and is one of Holland’s most exciting prospects. He has been impressing many top clubs with his recent exploits and skills in Jong Ajax matches. And, football journalist, Michiel Jongsma says that;

“Abdelhak Nouri, one of Ajax’ talents, with one of the greatest fake crosses you’ve ever seen.”


Abdelhak Nouri is not the biggest physically and at only five foot seven, he does at time get bullied by the bigger oppositions. However, this does give him the benefit of having a low centre of gravity which makes him very agile. He doesn’t possess incredible pace or acceleration and his work rate is not all that intense. Nouri does have a decent level of stamina but he can fade out in the later parts of the game.


Technically is where his strengths lie. He has a range of skills in his repertoire and enjoys beating his opponents with a host of these. He can at times over do this and end up spending longer to beat a single opponent which can lead to the other defenders having more time to settle and stop him when he does eventually get past the first defender. The video below does shows some of his skills;

Also, he is an incredibly gifted playmaker who has a great first touch and fantastic passing range. His vision is also not to be scoffed at, he loves to play passes through the defenders not around them. Also, at times loves to play passes with the outside of his boot in order to curve into the path of the receiver.

In terms of his technique, as a playmaker, he is not rivalled by many his age.


When it comes to the tactical side of his game, he does understand how to play the attacking and also the center midfield role very well but he is better in the deeper CM role. Usually ends up on the left side of the attack more often than not and prefers to dribble along the left wing as well. He knows how to roam into space and stay there and not be attracted to where the ball is. However, he dwells on the ball too long in attacking spaces and can kill counter attacks or scoring opportunities. His end product needs work, he is not consistent in his decision making and that result in him not being match winner as often as he should be.

Potential: (World Class)

******* (7/10)

A wonderful prospect with all skill and ability to one day become a world class player. However, his size and physique could put a few clubs off when it comes to buying him but that should not detract his incredible potential  ability. If he keeps up his recent exploits and avoids serious injury, he will be national team regular whether it be Morocco or Holland.


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