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Scouting Report: Demetri Mitchell

Name:  Demetri Karim Mitchell     Age:  18 years old (Born January 11, 1997)    

Club: Manchester United

League: Barclays Under-21 Premier League        Height:  181 cm,  5’10       Position: RW/LW/ST

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Demetri Mitchell is another promising youngsters from Manchester United’s academy. And, he has been creating a lot of hype from fans, some fans have even gone far to compare him to a young Cristiano Ronaldo. At only 18 years old, he has already started to be a part of the Manchester United U21 team. With such great pace and flair, he could be one to watch for over the next few years. Also, at a club with such great role models and history of nurturing such talents, his potential is in the right hands, as Demetri Mitchell says;

“(Wayne Rooney is)… a brilliant player to look up to. At United he’s quite humble and gives advice to the young lads. He’s quite active with the youth side of it. Also, he’s another forward player too so it has got to be a goal to try and emulate him and the success he has had.”


Mitchell is an athletic player who is rapid quick and uses this effectively to get by people at great speed and acceleration. He is fairly agile, although he is only 5’10 his body shape does look slightly lanky. He is not the strongest and does get push of the ball often. His work-rate is decent but not great and does have a bit of stamina to run up and down the pitch for the full 90 mins. He can tire out near the end of games in the late 70 minutes but can still be dangerous with that pace.


Technically, is where his strengths lie, he has fantastic dribbling ability and great range of tricks in his locker. He can beat players at will and is the type of player fans love to watch – especially the younger fans who love to see incredible trickery from flair players. However, he does dribble looking at the ball and can often miss opportunities to play his team mates through. This does mean that his creativity is not that great and also his passing too. He often beat players with his skill and pace but then to end up in good attacking situations only for the final ball to be poor.


This is easily his weakest department because although his off the ball movement is not that bad. Other departments of his game are seriously lacking. He doesn’t particularly anticipate opposition errors or where the ball might end up which could increase his impact in games. He can also lose positional discipline and go from being on the left wing to walking around in central midfield. He often rashes his shooting when in the box and this where a bit composure could lead to getting even more goals. His pace is great but its also at a stage in his career where he is still not in full control of it. He doesn’t understand how to outpace an opposition player and then calm himself after to make decisions such as a good final ball.

Potential: (International Class)

***** (4/10)

In terms of his potential, he has great trickery and skill and with the right level of determination but is lacking in understanding of the game and his position. He is a incredibly talented and great to watch and even if he doesn’t make it Manchester United, he is very capable of one day playing for the England national team. He does resemble a bit of Wilfred Zaha and in the next few years, he could be showing the same glimpses of genius like Zaha often does.




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