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Name: Ante Ćorić      Age: 18 years old (Born April 14, 1997)   Club: GNK Dinamo Zagreb

League:  Prva HNL      Height:  176 cm,  5’8       Position: CAM

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Ante Ćorić is a young skilful attacking midfielder, with such talent that he is already attracting some of the world’s biggest clubs. At only 18 years old, he has already become a regular for his club’s first team and already played for Croatia’s U21 side. He is held in very high regard by his club and coaches, as Dinamo Zagreb coach Zoran Mamić says;

“Ante is a treasure for our club. He is a greater talent than Luka Modrić and Mateo Kovačić were at his age.”


A very agile and pacy midfielder with a resemblance of a young Luka Modrić. He is not the strongest player and can at times be pushed off the ball easily but he has great balance and is quick to get up. Tends to fade out at the end of games as his stamina is not that great and has average workrate when of the ball but still needing of improvement.


His biggest strengths are all in this category, he has terrific close control and can dribble out of tough situations. He has incredible vision and also a great first touch. He is the type of midfielder that gets fans out their seat when he is on the ball and this should come as no surprise as he says;

“I have to work, train and learn a lot to be compared to them. But then again, someday, who knows… My role model is Ronaldinho.”

Ćorić has a great passing range but he is especially good at playing the short passing game and enjoys playing quick one twos. And can easily switch feet at any given moment and still be capable to shoot, cross and passes with great accuracy.


His decision making and concentration can be at times questionable but that is to be expected for such a young player. However, he knows how to move off the ball and enjoys teasing the defenders with his skill but its not just for show, its with a purpose to make the defender lunge or attempt to tackle him therefore creating an opportunity to glide past them. Another mental attribute he still could improve is his consistency and ability to win games for his team.

Potential: (World Class)

******** (8/10)

 A technicality gifted footballer who at such a young age can already deal with the pressure of first team football in a title winning side. And, he has already scored goals in a European competition its only a matter of time before he is playing for the likes of FC Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Ajax or even Juventus.

“My dreams are coming true. When I was nine, I made my first trip to the Maksimir and I dreamt that one day I would play on that pitch and score a goal in European competition. I can’t believe it’s now come true”



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