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Scouting Report: Timothy Fosu-Mensah

Name: Timothy Fosu-Mensah         Age:  17 years old (born 02.01.1998)        

Club: Manchester United

League:  U21 Premier League Division   Height: 177cm,  5’10”       Position: Defensive midfielder/ Central midfielder

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Timothy Fosu-Mensah is a promising defensive midfielder who captained the Dutch Under 17 national team at their last tournament. A terrific versatile midfielder who is high regarded by Ajax and Manchester United coaches. As Paul McGuiness says;

“…He played in midfield and at the back and, as a new addition, settling into the club takes time. Obviously, he’s shown some really good qualities. He has very good acceleration over the ground to win the ball and then break forward. He has shown some outstanding work.”


A very powerful and athletic player who loves to throw his body about and use his strength. A skill that he can get away with in the youth games but its still to be seen whether he would be able to use it as effectively with seasoned professionals. He has good pace on the cover and often uses this to recover when the opposition is breaking through on goal. Very tenacious midfielder, who can at times be too quick into a tackle, a trait he might have to learn to control before taking the next step up. At 5’10, he is sometimes played at central defence because he is physically bigger than most of the players his age however this is not where he is comfortable.


As a midfielder, he is technical and very composed on the ball but his best skills are easily off the ball with his tackling and marking. His passing range is not that great however for a ball winning central midfielder its not a pre requisite. He has a good first touch, especially when it comes to trapping an areal ball. A decent dribbler for an Ajax scholar but he can sometimes try to play himself out of trouble by dribbling when its better to just pass it or clear it. His playing style resembles that of a young Edgar Davids, in that it is controlled aggression bordering on reckless but also for the fact he loves to drive forward with ball at any given moment.


His biggest strength as a player is his reading of the game, he is not just your typical ball winning central midfielder who just dives into any tackle. He anticipates danger very well and is very aware of his surroundings when off the ball. However, when it come to positioning, this is an area needing of improvement, very rarely does he hold his position. His natural instinct as a player is to get the ball back and be constantly on the move. He usually drifts forward into the final third looking for the ball when in midfield and as a ball winner, he shouldn’t be doing that, especially as often as he currently does. When he does make the step up into the first team he will most likely have to hold his position and protect the back four and then on rare occasions support the attack. Right now, he still plays like a box to box midfielder but he lacks the attacking element to ever be completely effective at this role.

Potential: (International class)


Timothy Fosu-Mensah has such great potential but he still has not found an identity in which he is comfortable with on the pitch. He needs to learn to be disciplined in his position and embrace his strengths. To focus more on becoming a great ball winner like the old Dutch legend Edgar Davids but less reckless. And if he does that he can easily exceed his current potential and become a world class player and more than just an international player. However, if he doesn’t change and persists with trying to be a box to box like Paul Pogba he will not become anything other than just an international player like Leroy Fer.


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