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Scouting report: Callum Gribbin

Name: Callum Gribbin         Age: 16 years old (born 19 December 1998 )         Club: Manchester United

League: Barclays Premier League U18 Group 2        Height: 176cm,  5’8”       Position: Attacking midfielder/Left Midfield

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One of the youngest players to have ever played in the Manchester United reserve team and also has already been tour with the first team under Louis Van Gaal, so much is expected from this young sixteen year old.

“Callum’s a very talented player and the type English football does not have a lot of. He can keep the ball with people around him. He can manipulate it and give space for a creative pass. Also, he’s waiting to look for a creative pass all the time too” Paul McGuinness


He is only 16 years old and his physique is definitely in need of bulking up before he can make the step up into first team football. He is working on that and along with his work rate which has improved dramatically over the last few months. As Paul McGuinness added:

“Other parts of his game are improving as well, his work-rate is better and he’s winning the ball back better. He has had a dramatic rise really in this team and it’s really helped develop him to be forced into those situations.”

However, with that said he is a playmaker and who loves to play in the channel between the defence and the midfielders so strength and power are not essential in this role. He possess good balance, a decent level of acceleration and pace the likes not to dissimilar to other playmakers like Christian Eriksen.


He has incredible technique far superior to most of the players his age. His dribbling and vision are his key strengths. Great flair (nutmegs galore, step overs, loves a flick and a one two) but he does favour his left foot. Can also be too reliant on his strongest foot and prefers finesse over power when shooting. Possesses good vision and is incredible at short passes but still needs to work on improving his passing range. A set piece specialist when it comes to shooing on goal but inconsistent in delivering crosses.


Very tactically aware and has great awareness of space and defender’s positions. Also, great at anticipating possible mistakes from opposition or opportunities arising. Good off the ball movement and can spot passes that most players his age can’t

Potential: (World Class)

******* (7/10)

He has potential to one day be a first team player for Manchester United and also play for the England national team.


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